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Windows 7 epg not updating

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Microsoft has promised a Windows Media Center replacement sometime in the future and this might possibly be the beginnings of that promise fulfilled.Now, if the company could just work out the issues. I don't have Xbox (nor will I have it) so I have no idea how they think that's going to work.For Windows Media Center Movie Library to be able to display metadata and cover art, each movie file must be stored in an individual folder of the same name with an to run the process.This will open a Command window and move your files.If you use the Movie Library in Windows 7 Media Center to access and view your movie collection, you know that the interface leaves a little to be desired.Today we are going to show you how you can add movie cover art and metadata in your Movie Library with a program called YAMMM.(1) Start up Windows Media Center on your computer.(2) You can do it manually by scrolling to “Tasks”(3) Select “Settings” / “General”(4) Click on Automatic Download Options.(5) Finally, click on “Download Now” to update your Windows Media Center with the newest updates.(6) If you haven’t setup Windows Media Center for Internet access yet, you will be asked to do so now.(To download Guide listings and other information, you need to set up your Internet connection to work with Windows Media Center.(7) Access Netflix through your Windows Media Center by going to “TV Movies” and clicking on the Netflix tile.

Over time, WMC also added a number of improvements that extended its functionality: plug-in support, extenders (Xbox and third party set-top boxes for viewing), access to online content, and extensibility (via Windows Media Player) to support formats not supplied by Microsoft.

Now it’s time to download and install YAMMM (Download link below).

To begin the installation, simply double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard.

To do this go to "Settings" then select "Information".)Firmware Update: Fix record time display issue (V4.0)(Warning: Only for units with serial number after 4001403000 (include 4001403000 ), eg: 4001403001, 4001403002 etc, otherwise may damage the device) Firmware Update: Fix time disorder issue under subtitle and EPG state (V3.7)(Warning: Only for units with serial number before 4001402000 (include 4001402000 ), eg: 4001401999, 4001401998 etc, otherwise may damage the device)Firmware Update: Improves Subtitle function (V3.6)(Simplified Subtitle function.

Cancelled the Subtitle Language option in Language menu.